Storage Epe NL initially remains in the Netherlands

Also in the storage year 2018 the storage Epe NL of innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH (iGSNWE) will be operated and marketed into the Netherlands via the connection to the G-gas grid of Gasunie Transport Services B.V..

In 2017 iGSNWE has checked and prepared a switch of the storage to Germany with a connection to the H-gas grid of Open Grid Europe GmbH in the market area NetConnect Germany (NCG) for economic reasons. In doing so, iGSNWE has not excluded the option to stay in the Netherlands depending on the market development.

Due to the currently foreseeable market situation iGSNWE has now decided not to switch the storage Epe NL for the upcoming marketing period until 1 April 2019 and to initially remain in the Netherlands. iGSNWE will follow the further market development intensively.