First sale of capacities for SY 2018

L-gas flexibility for NCG - auction via ICE Endex

innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH (iGSNWE) is auctioning its first capacities for storage year 2018. The capacities will be sold at storage Epe L-Gas which is serving the German market area NCG with L-gas flexibility.

innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH (iGSNWE) is pleased to announce that the cooperation with the European trading platform ICE Endex Markets B.V. (ICE Endex) will be continued and the auction will be hold on 26 October 2017

Registration of the auction participants is possible till 24 October 2017 on the trading platform ICE Endex. For further details please see the ICE Endex’s auction rules.

The detailed product information and the General Terms and Conditions are published on https://www.theice.com/endex/auctions/innogy and also in the download area to this message.