Be quick, not much has been left

marketing of capacities for storage year 2019

innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH informs about the forthcoming marketing of storage capacities at their cavern storages in the market areas Net Connect Germany (NCG) and TTF.

More precise, three fast storage products with the following sizes and in each case designed with firm injection and withdrawal capacities will be offered in the short term in bilateral negotiations:

innEXpool (NCG/H-Gas)                    26.0 mcm

Storage Epe NL (TTF/G-Gas)            28.9 mcm

Storage Epe L-Gas (NCG/L-Gas)       18.7 mcm

In case of interest in booking and contract negotiation about the offered storage capacities please contact our sales team starting from now. The General Terms and Conditions are published on the webpage of innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH. The usual storage specific appendices will be offered to the interested parties during a concrete negotiation process.

We are looking forward to your call.